Tips For Making A Great First Vlog

Vlogging is an excellent way of engaging with online audiences and finding followers for your channel. This method offers a great alternative to blogging by getting your message out there without having to sit down and write. Vlogging denotes the art of creating informative or entertaining content in a video format. Such videos are referred to as vlogs, which caption the vlogger addressing specific subjects like product reviews or reports about events and travel destinations. While the mechanics between blogging and vlogging defer, both methods follow the basic principle of creating informative, engaging and entertaining content. As such, one needs to invest in a good vlogging camera and make a great vlog if they want their channel to be successful. Below are a few helpful tips that will help you make an excellent first-time vlog.

Know your Vlogging Camera

To begin your vlogging adventure, you’ll need to not only get a high quality camera but also one that you can comfortably use. Familiarizing yourself with your camera is extremely important lest you miss capturing crucial moments because you don’t know where the record button is located. Worse still, lack of knowledge could make you take a video that appears like it’s from the 16th century. Hence, you need to read the instructions manual, watch tutorials or ask for advice from experts regarding your prospective vlogging camera and how to use it before investing in one. Whichever means you choose, ensure that you know your camera like the back of your hand.

Learn to Handle your Nerves

Speaking in front of a camera can be challenging even for people who are endowed with confidence. As such, if you’re camera shy, you will want to practice privately in the absence of the camera until you gain some confidence. Also, schedule some hours every day for plenty of practice-runs and re-takes once you begin making your vlogs. This will ensure that you won’t feel rushed, lest you stumble on your words and leave your audience feeling confused. The easiest way of eliminating camera shyness is perceiving the device as your best friend rather than envisaging yourself having a conversation with the entire world.

Choose a Unique Theme

Before picking up your vlogging camera, you need to decide on a topic. The subject of your vlogging might easily come to you or requires careful research. Whichever the case, the important thing is picking a topic in which you have a genuine interest and preferably massive knowledge.

In the vlogging world, there’s an ocean of people uploading their vlogs. It’s, therefore, imperative to take time studying the competitor’s content and subsequently decide on a topic that can easily capture your audience’s attention. Doing this will not only help you to get some tips but also establish what you need do to make your vlogs unique and more interesting than your rivals’.

Pick a Title

Once you pick an appropriate theme, you will need to give it a good title. Many vloggers opt for quirky and fun titles to help their audience remember them. A good title can include your name, refer to the theme or be completely random but fun. Titles that give a good insight into your vlogs go a long way in attracting followers. If possible, try wordplay, use rhymes or puns. You may also try something witty.

Starting a vlog can be an excellent hobby or profession. To begin this art, however, you’ll need to get a superior quality vlogging camera and understand how to best use it. You will also need to overcome your camera jitters to become an efficient vlogger. It’s also important to pick a great theme and give it an appropriate, but fun name, so that your audience can easily remember it.