Herbaldom Kratom Review

We only introduce vendors who strive and at least touch the boundary line of manufacturing quality products being a quality seller.

We randomly selected one of the vendors known as Herbaldom Kratom which we liked to review thoroughly in terms of their running business.

Kratom has tremendous abilities to provide effectiveness medicinally that is why its success and approach is touching skies. It also has some pitfalls which can be overcome or reduced by following some precautionary measures.


Who is Herbaldom Kratom?

Herbaldom Kratom is a company and its owner is Mr. Andrew and he is an inventive leader. He shared his full story with all the kratom community people about the establishment of this company.

Mr. Andrew was an IT person and meanwhile, he was also working for an established kratom vendor. Gradually, he realized that his employees were not working appropriately to process things and bringing numerous errors. This point disappointed him and then he came to know that how different vendors are working for the strategies of the market. Then he took an oath that he will not let that happen to his own business. Then his old company got closed and he started his own business with a promise that he will not use any meaningful way to promote his business and never let in false believes, his more priority will be quality and customer, not money.

He also decided not to raise the prices of products and each product will be packed correctly. He also vowed, in case of any mishap, he will contact and satisfy his customers.

Quality Assurance

Herbaldom kratom maintains and ensures their quality by paying heed to its supplier methods. It deeply researches the history of the supplier and then takes material from them then send to their special customers which remain a part of Quality Control Scoring Program which will also help the company to give their feedback.

Delivery Standards

Herbaldom works on this aspect keenly and ensures to make use of their approach more constructive by packaging the user’s orders accordingly and then ship to the customer the very next day of ordering product. The customers are also given the tracking ID of their order to not worry about the transaction.


Website Layout

Their website is easy at hand and user-friendly and it shows the blog section before the products. Their blog section has so many useful and informative articles which indicate the strategy of the vendor which not only towards the economy of their business but also shows the urge and interest as a kratom activist for the promotion of kratom for its value and status.

They also designed a FAQs section which has the answers to your frequently asked questions which might reduce your confusions. Their website also allows users to subscribe to their newsletter.

About Products

Being an enthusiastic kratom user, you can’t expect extra level effects from them as their products only show low to medium effects. Their highlighted products are:

  • Yellow Hulu Kapuas
  • White Horn Kratom
  • Green Maeng Da