used cars in chandler

It’s not always possible to know what your car is worth before you decide to trade-in or sell it, but there are some important factors in determining the value of your used car. It’s important to keep a few important factors in mind when you’re looking for used cars in chandler. Here are some important factors that affect used car prices.


Prices vary from region to region, because dealerships and sellers have access to different inventory. The same vehicle can be worth hundreds of dollars in San Diego but only a few hundred in Omaha. Pricing models will consider the type of car, year and make. The model year is important because it’s when the vehicle was manufactured. Older vehicles are more valuable because they’re used cars that have proven their reliability. You can click for more here to know more.


When a car has been well taken care of, it will likely be worth more money than one that has been neglected or abused. Even though mechanics have improved over the years, there are still cars that require extensive repairs or replacement parts. There are also certain models that have been known for having problems.

Vehicle History

Cars with a history of accidents or flood damage will be worth less money than a model that has been well taken care of. Despite claims from some sellers, there aren’t any companies that can erase your car’s title, and they cannot guarantee the kind of title you want.

Dealership Credit Cards and Incentives

Many dealerships offer credit cards to their customers. The credit card offers financing options and a discount on your next purchase. It’s important to keep these incentives in mind when you’re negotiating the price of your car. Some dealerships will also offer cash incentives.

Vehicle Brand Recognition

People tend to want familiar brands, so they prefer to buy cars made by more popular manufacturers. That’s why older models are usually worth more money than cars that haven’t been around as long, because they were made by better-known companies.

Retail vs. Wholesale Prices

When you buy a car, you’re usually paying more than what the dealer paid in order to cover overhead expenses, such as advertising and marketing. The dealer is basically buying the car from another individual who bought the car from another individual, so each person takes a profit on the final sale price of the used vehicle.

used cars in chandler

Type of Car

Cars that are considered to be more practical will cost more money than those made for entertainment or style.

How the Car Performs

Cars that are reliable and will not cause you a lot of problems tend to be worth more money in the long run.


It is important to make sure the transmission is in good working order before you sell your used car. A transmission that will seize up or break down during driving could result in serious injuries if it gets stuck on something or is involved in an accident. The problem will then leave you with no transportation and nowhere to go until repairs can be made by a mechanic.