A lot of people are fond of playing online games. There are many games available online with amazing features and themes. For those looking for some fun and enjoyable game. One of the best games to play is counter strike 1.6.

What is Counter strike 1.6?

 Counter-Strike 1.6 or CS 1.6 is considered the world’s number 1 online action game. Capture an extremely realistic brand of terrorist warfare in this popular team-based game. Unite with teammates to finished strategic missions. Rescue hostages and take out enemy sites. Your part affects your team’s success. The team accomplishment affects your role.

Counter-Strike is a first-person shooter video game. It was established by Valve. CS 1.6 was released in 2000 by Valve for Microsoft Windows. The game is the first part of the Counter-Strike series. There are some modifications and ports that have been unleashed on OS X, Xbox, and Linux.

How to Play Counter-Strike?

There are two teams face each other to meet a set of objectives. These two teams are the terrorists and anti-terrorists. They fight from each other to place. Rescue hostages, or deactivate bombs or keep. Each team has few seconds to buy equipment before every round starts. They can select different weapons, grenades, body armor, and even bomb disposal equipment. This must be bought with the earned amount in previous rounds.

All players by default have only one life and begin as a pistol and a knife. Objectives depend on the type of map and these are the most normal ones:

  • Bomb Defusal: The terrorists should carry a bomb. Plant it on one of the appointed spots and protect it from being disarmed. By the counter-terrorists before it blows up. If the time runs out with no closure, the terrorists win.
  • Hostage rescue: The counter-terrorists must release a group of hostages. Detains by the terrorists to win.
  • Assassination: A VIP is chosen from one of the counter-terrorists. The team must protect this player to a designated spot on the map. This is to win the game. When the VIP lost the terrorists win.

There are few seconds given to players before the round begins. It is also known as freeze time to prepare and buy equipment. Which they cannot move or attack. With a set amount of time to buy more equipment, they can return to the buy area. When the round ended, surviving players can have their equipment for use in the next round. Players that were killed start the next round with the basic starting equipment.