Actually, parenting is not a thing to learn through course or counselling. It comes naturally to all people when motherhood starts. It may be quite hard initially but it comes normal when are days are passing. We cannot follow same parenting principles to all kids it will vary from one another. In this generation, parents are working hard to earn money for their kid’s sophisticated life. However, they failed to realise big mistake in this point because they put money in first priority than children. Always it is necessary to give importance for our family than any other work for the beautiful life. Parents are spending more time in work so their kids are suffering a lot.

There is lot of parents looking for parenting tips to raise their kids in right way. Generally, parenting advice is common for all families but the behaviour of kids will vary from one another. All kids will be so fussy and sometimes hard to handle tantrums. No one is so calm is nature for parenting it makes us calm with our experience. We have to develop our patience level to enjoy parenting and maintain a healthy relationship with our kids. In eachstage, we are gaining some knowledge about their development so we have to do some homework to raise our kid in a responsible way. No one is born genius or calm nature during childhood so we have to adjust all the tantrums.

All times will never go smoothly in parenting there will be both hard and soft times. Our parents may raise us in different way like beating and scolding for all things. However, this generation is not as we have lot of options to learn parenting tips and how to raise our children in smart way. If you feel confused to take any decision in your kids future, get help with your friends or from the parenting counsellors.

Every children is having interest in various fields so it is not fair to force them to concentrate only on studies. As a parent our duty is to teach them good behaviour, discipline and respect. No one is a perfect parent so try to be a happy parent always to make your kids smiling always. Enjoy your parenting with happy face and act smartly. Give more love and listen to your kids decision to make them happy.